All shareholder and director's information must be recorded at Companies House and on the company's statutory registers.

While this will be not an issue for most people, sometimes there are perfectly legitimate reasons for not wanting your details to be available on the public register, for example you may not wish rivals to know about your commercial dealings with the company. We offer nominee shareholder services, whereby we can appoint a company to act as a shareholder on your behalf, normally to keep your ownership of shares confidential. Our nominee shareholder service is a lawful way allowed by the Companies Act which serves to keep your personal information off the public record and enables you to remain anonymous.

The nominee will be a shareholder only in name, with no discretion on how to act in relation to the shares, although they will be registered as the owner. Therefore, by using the service you can lawfully ensure your anonymity and confidentiality.

How the nominee arrangement works

  • The shares in the company are formally registered in the name of an unrelated third party - a nominee, provided by us. The company is wholly owned by us and is incorporated solely for this purpose.
  • As the beneficiary you will be provided with a signed but undated declaration of trust or bare trust confirming your position as the beneficiary of the shares. The declaration of trust will state in clear terms that you will direct how the nominee will vote and that the nominee will hold all dividends on trust for you as the beneficiary.
  • The declaration of trust can be invoked at any time for the shares to transfer to you, by simply dating the declaration at any time you choose to relieve the nominee shareholder of their duties. This gives you control in that you can end the arrangement at any time with no obligation, and without seeking our opinion or consent.
  • The arrangement remains strictly confidential. A nominee shareholder shields and protects you from showing up as the owner of the company, and formally distances you from your dealings with the company or your ownership but gives you the security to prove yourself as the owner whenever you choose by simply producing the relevant documentation.
Nominee Shareholder Service

ID Checking Requirements:

  • We will need proof of identity (photo ID) and proof of address from the beneficial owner (utility bill/bank statement not older than 3 months).
  • We will need to know reasons for requiring a nominee shareholder.
  • We will need to know the nature of the business.

Yearly Fee: £350 per beneficiary (renewable annually)

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