Nominee Director Service

Appoint UK Resident Directors for Your Company

  • The director service is mainly used by overseas companies wishing to have their entities managed and controlled in the UK, for instance, newly formed companies, holding companies, subsidiaries and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).
  • InvestWise UK can help by providing experienced resident directors to help you run your company. All our directors are resident UK passport-holders who have been interviewed and checked for debt and disqualification.
  • For overseas based company owners, the use of a UK citizen as a director may help the beneficial director to have representation in the UK, and to avoid having to pay double tax both in the UK and in their country of residence.
Nominee Director Service

Our duties as directors

Our director service is ideal for overseas investors or company founders who may not have suitable people to fulfil this role, or they do not want to fulfil the role themselves.

Where a non-resident client intends to set up and run a company in the UK, they may lack the resources in the UK to provide the control and management required. InvestWise will provide you with UK-resident directors and managers who will help you control and manage your company by carrying out their duties lawfully and to a high standard.

We understand that our directors have a duty of care to do their best to benefit the company to ensure it remains legally compliant and solvent, therefore, only knowledgeable and skilled individuals will act as directors to your company.

Nominee Director Service

Our fees for the resident/nominee director service are set depending on the role you require from the director, and also reflect the risk that comes with directors' responsibilities.

Director's duties under the Companies Act (2006)

Although we refer to the term nominee director here to distinguish our directors from the owner or beneficial directors, UK law does not recognise the concept of nominee directorship; all directors, whether they are acting in an executive or nominee capacity have a duty under the Companies Act (2006) to promote the success of the company.

Duty to comply with Companies Act (2006)

A director is an agent of the company appointed by the shareholders to manage and control the company. However, the director's duties are owed to the company, not to the shareholders. The law states that the director must always act for the benefit of the company.

Nature of director services provided

As such, any agreement for director services will be on the understanding that our director will exercise effective management and control, because failure to fulfil director's duties can have serious consequences including prosecution and disqualification.

What the director service includes

  • As nominee/resident directors, we will not be involved in the day-to-day operational activities or running of the business, but we will ensure that your company meets its statutory obligations and is compliant with the law.
  • We will account for the company's activities to relevant parties, shareholders, and authorities.
  • We will carry out corporate governance reviews/audits
  • To enable our directors to effectively carry out their statutory duties, it should be evidenced that they are not only there to carry out decisions made by others but have the power to make independent and informed strategic decisions for the success of the company.
Nominee Director Service

Requirements for appointing a resident director:

  • We will need proof of identity (photo ID) and proof of address from the beneficial owner (utility bill/bank statement not older than 3 months).
  • We will need to know your reasons for requiring a nominee director.
  • We will need to know the nature of the business.
  • Not available for cryptocurrency companies

Buy our UK Resident Director Service

The yearly fee will vary depending on the risk and duties that you need to be performed. Please contact us for a quote for the service specific to your needs.

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