Company Secretarial Services

Let us handle your company's governance and compliance matters

Save your company the expense of employing a full-time company secretary or officer to take care of your company's compliance duties. Although the Companies Act (2006) does not require private limited companies to appoint a company secretary, section 270 of the Act says that in the absence of an appointed company secretary the important administrative and compliance tasks become the responsibility of the directors. As a result, many private companies choose to pay for company secretarial services to reduce the administrative and corporate governance burdens otherwise placed on the directors by the law. We can perform your
company's secretarial duties for a fraction of the costs of employing an officer to fulfil the role.

Our Company Secretarial Services

Whether you are UK-based or resident overseas, we can provide your company with tailored company secretarial services to meet your needs. InvestWise will hold the position of Company Secretary for your company to advise your board of directors about their legal responsibility, to ensure effective corporate governance, and to maintain records to demonstrate compliance.

Our Company Secretarial Service includes company formation, administration, provision of registered office and director service address, statutory compliance guidance and subsidiary management. Where required, we can also assist you by sourcing UK-resident directors who are knowledgeable and skilled in managing and controlling the running of your company.

Company Secretarial Services

Management of Subsidiaries, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Holding Companies

InvestWise can assist foreign investors to establish subsidiaries and holding companies in the UK by providing complete managed setting up and administrative services for your UK company. We will work with you beyond the initial establishment of your SPV or holding company, by providing services to administer the entity - e.g. forming a limited company, opening bank accounts, taking the role of company secretary, providing directorship and shareholder services; as well as sourcing accounting services for your company. Where a company needs help with setting up its operational structures, InvestWise will assist with sourcing experienced managers to run the day-to-day operations of the company.

Our responsibilities as your company secretary

Our duty as your company secretary is to ensure that your company complies with financial and legal requirements, as well as maintaining its high standards of corporate governance. We will act as a point of communication linking the board of directors, company shareholders, and the company's management.

We will help you by:

  • sourcing of suitably qualified resident directors and managers
  • convening Annual Board Meetings
  • preparing and distributing agendas and board packs for Board and Committee meetings
  • attending Board and Committee meetings, taking and preparing minutes.
  • maintaining the statutory books and records of the company
  • providing corporate governance guidance
  • coordinating statutory filings and disclosures
  • advising directors on their roles, responsibilities and liabilities
  • undertaking annual risk review
  • assistance in drafting, execution, legalisation and apostille of corporate documents and agreements
  • updating and maintenance of shareholders' register
  • handling of correspondence and attending to client queries and requirements

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